In the fall of 2003 Rowena Finegan, owner and founder of Eco-terric, approached Cisco Pinedo, owner of Cisco Brothers Corporation, a furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles, California, with the idea of producing a totally clean and healthy line of furniture. After two and a half years of collaboration, Eco-Terric was excited to share this first step in providing sustainable furniture for people who live responsibly and who are committed to protecting our planet, the Basal Living line was born.



Basal Living

This collection is raw beauty with lifetime durability. Each piece is handcrafted to be 100% sustainable using FSC certified hardwoods; chemical free natural upholstery options such as jute webbing; biodegradable, non-toxic rubber latex foam cushion; natural organic certified cotton; a complete, sustainable, socially-responsible production from “seed to shelf.” Basal Collection caters to healthy, earth-sensitive choices with a high esteem for comfort and lovely design. 

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Furniture Specs:

  • Responsible Wood Frames:
    All of our wood frames are made from sustainably grown Alder from well-managed American forests, responsibly protecting old growth and
    endangered species.
  • Reclaimed Wood Legs: Our legs are constructed from reclaimed wood, including venerable Burmese teak, harvested from rescued heirloom homes in Myanmar.
  • Non-toxic Fasteners and Finishers: Each piece of wood is fastened with steel screws, and double-doweled with non-toxic, water based glue. A combination of hemp webbing, jute, and hemp burlap finish out the frame.
  • Sustainable Comfort: The crucial and most fundamental element for our comfort evolves from the layering of wool fibers with 100% pure natural latex padding.
  • Staying true to our ancestry, our premium quality wool batting comes from regions where the soil is continually turned, pesticides are forbidden, and sheep are still herded with the use of guardian dogs.
  • Pure, Petroleum-Free Latex: The foam that both covers the frame and is used for the cushions, is natural latex, harvested from an environmentally friendly renewable resource procured from rainforest trees. This pure rubber tree sap extract is guaranteed to outlive all toxic petroleum based foam products, and is completely biodegradable!
  • Finishing Touches: We upholster these multi-layers with organic cotton/hemp canvas, a green, healthy and sensible barrier cloth.
  • Fabric: All fabrics presented with the line have been laundered in chemical-free vegetable-based laundry detergent and are either certified organic or have been produced using chemical-free base cloth and vegetable or low impact dyes
  • These items will ship direct from the manufacturer. This means less wastage in the routes that our products are taking during shipping - preventing unnecessary carbon emmissions - those greenhouse gases.

toll free 1-866-933-1655

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